Male Escort

Sex Work. Sounds Like The Perfect Way For A Guy To Make A Living, Doesn’t It?

I mean, you get paid to have sex! Something you might be desperate to do and think about all day, every day.

It’s amazing how many men I get in my inbox every week asking me how they can start being a Male Escort. I would ask them a few questions including how experienced they are in sex, and they would usually tell me that they slept with a woman, or that they were virgins.

Guys, I get it, I totally get it. You want to have sex and you think being a Male Escort is the way to do it. But sadly, there is hardly any call for male escorts around the world due to the fact that sex is so readily available to many women and the industry is exceptionally small and competitive compared to the wider female escorting.

Females as a whole species are not motivated to pay for sex in the same way that males are, which means that the few male escorts out there are well established and will last longer. working for a good period. A thousand men a day would try and go into porn or escorting and almost none of them would succeed. It is the sad fact of the matter that there is not a huge market for Male Escort.

That being said, that doesn’t mean it never happens and there aren’t women who pay for sex, of course, there are! But one thing about being an escort is that someone is paying you for your time and they expect someone to be the best and potentially selfless lover rather than someone who is a virgin or very have little experience.

Being horny is not enough to make you successful in being an escort. If you want to compete in an extremely difficult industry to crack as a man, you need to be able to read a woman and know what will really turn her on. Being able to last a long time in bed and having a personality and body that will delight a client is also vitally important. Delhi Escorts are not just for having sex with a body, they are friends, confidants, counselors and sources of pleasure in more than just physical. If you want to be an escort because you want to get laid, you are completely missing the point of the industry.

Sex work is never about you and what you want. It’s always about the customer and what they want from you. There is no selfish pleasure in escorting.

If you think you have the experience, body, personality, stamina and desire to make it in the industry as a Male Escort, look for an escorting agency that will be able to help you. But if you’re a male virgin or inexperienced man who just wants to have sex so that you think it’s a good idea, you’re in for a sad awakening.