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Hello friends, how are you all? I hope you all are doing well.

Friends, today I have brought a story for the readers of Sexy Story.

This is my Fucked the village virgin girl story and the true story of my life. Friends, I also like reading sexy stories and I have been reading sexy stories for a long time.

When I read a story, I feel very happy. That’s why I sleep after reading a story every day. There must be other sexy story lovers like me who enjoy reading stories every day.

I am going to write a story of mine for lovers like them. The story I am going to write is a true incident of my life.

I hope that you will like my story and you will have a lot of fun reading this story. If you guys like my story then please let me know.

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Before starting the story, let me tell you about myself. My name is Mohit and I am a resident of Noida. I am 21 years old and currently studying. My height is 6 feet 3 inches.

My complexion is fair and I look smart. My body is also fine according to my height. Friends, without taking much of your time, I will come straight to the story.

This story happened just a few months ago when I went to my aunt’s house in the village. Friends, I am studying right now. My girlfriend also studies in the same college in which I study.

Let me tell you about my girlfriend. My girlfriend’s name is Nidhi and she is 21 years old. She is very fair looking and her figure is sexy. Nidhi and I love each other very much.

Friends, I broke the seal of Nidhi in my own house. The day I fucked Nidhi for the first time, Nidhi’s eyes started watering. After that day Nidhi and I kept having sex often. When I was studying in college, my aunt used to call me from the village.

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But due to studies I did not know how to go. After a few days, I got 5 days leave from college. Then I thought that aunty keeps asking me to come often, so since I am young, I will definitely come for a visit.

That day I called aunty and said that I am coming today. Friends, that day I was going to my aunt’s house after 11 months.

Earlier I had gone to my aunt’s house for some work and after that I was going now. I boarded a bus that day and within a few hours the bus took me there.

When I reached there, I had to walk from there so I called my aunt and asked her to send me to some house. Then aunt sent a woodcutter with a bike. That wooden cart took me home.

After the journey, I was tired so I washed my hands and face and lay down. I was lying down when aunty brought me tea and salty biscuits to eat. Then I drank tea and ate some snacks and some biscuits.

After drinking tea I lay down and slept. When I woke up I went to the terrace. Then I saw that there were rooms built on the roof also.

Then I asked my aunt who lives on the roof and she said that no one lives there right now.

I thought that if it is so then I will sleep in the room on the roof. That night I asked my aunt to put my bed on the terrace. That night, after having dinner, I went to the terrace and lay down. After lying down I read 2 stories and fell asleep.

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Friends, when I woke up and came out of the room, my eyes fell on a girl who was very fair in appearance. That wood looked at me and said, who are you, I am seeing it for the first time. I told her that I live in Noida and have come here to my aunt’s house. Then he asked me my name and I asked his name.

She told her name as Madhu. Friends, although she was from a village, she looked no less than a heroine. After talking to him like this for some time, I said let’s talk later.

I came down after saying this to him. I came down and freshened up and then had breakfast. After breakfast I went for a walk towards the fields.

When I came back from the farm, I went to the terrace. I saw that there was no one on the terrace, so I went to the room, lay down and started watching a movie on the phone. I was watching a movie when I heard some noise from the terrace.

When I came out and started looking, I saw two girls on that terrace, one was a morning girl and I don’t know who the other one was. I didn’t even ask about the other girl.

Then I started talking to that girl. She also started talking to me. When I was talking to Madhu, I felt as if she wanted to be friends with me. I kept talking to him that day and this way I talk to him every day. It’s been three days since I talked to him. Now she also had fun with me.

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I also took advantage of her and asked her to meet me at night, at first she agreed and after some time she agreed. That night, after having dinner, I lay down in my room. It was around one o’clock in the night.

Then she came, I asked her to come inside and she came inside. Then I thought that if she had not wanted to get fucked, she would not have come so late in the night. After some time I started caressing her thighs. While I was caressing her thighs, she was looking at me with very sexy eyes.

I kept doing this for some time and then slowly placed my lips on her lips. I put her lips in my mouth and started sucking them and she started sucking my lips. We both kept sucking each other’s lips like this. Along with sucking her lips, I started pressing her breasts over the clothes.

Then I took off my clothes but she didn’t say anything so I took off hers too. When I took off her clothes, she came in front of me without clothes.

I held both her breasts in my hands and pressed them and put them in my mouth and started sucking. She lay down on the bed. After sucking her breasts vigorously for some time, I gave my penis in her hand.

She kept shaking my penis for some time. Then I asked her to put my penis in her mouth and she agreed and said no. Then she spit on my penis and made it wet.

Then I spit on her pussy and inserted my penis into her pussy. As soon as my penis entered her pussy, she let out a painful moan.

I put my penis in her pussy and started fucking her by moving it in and out. She lay down on the bed and started moaning loudly. Ha ha ha ha…. CCC…. She started getting fucked while sobbing. I was fucking her pussy in and out with strong thrusts. I was pressing both her breasts and moving in and out of her pussy.

That ha ha ha…ooh ooh ooh…. She was making loud sexy sounds like aa aa aa…hoon hoon hoon hoon…. I was pushing hard into her pussy like this.

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After pushing into her pussy like this for some time, I took my penis out of her pussy and lay down on the bed. She sat on my penis and started fucking me while going up and down. Ooh ooh ooh…. a a a a…..

She was snatching “Wah Wah Wah…” I grabbed her waist and started pushing her down, causing loud banging sounds in the room. After fucking her with vigorous thrusts for 15 minutes, I ejaculated.

Then she wore her clothes and left. Then I wore my clothes and lay down and after 3 days I came home. I still talk to him.

Thank you…………

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