Fucked My Girlfriend Best Friend

Hello Dear Friends, I am Ranveer, and I live in Delhi. I will tell you the story; this English sex story is mine.

Today’s story is about Fucked My Girlfriend Best Friend.

Now I come to the story!

As you all know that once you get the taste of sex, then it is a condition that your heart asks for More.

Sorry, or should I say, Dick asks for More.

The same happened to me, and I have fucked many girls and Bhabhi.

And as you read in my previous story, ‘Classmate ke Sath Gay Sex‘, Kajal and I would often play sex games.

But because of his job, we only got a chance occasionally, so I have kept a girlfriend near my house to fulfil sex; her name is Seema.

We fuck whenever we can.

Let me tell you about Anjum; she studies in class XI and owns amazing beauty.

Very beautiful, and what to talk about her body friends, absolutely killer, her breasts are big for her age, her figure is amazing, raised butt and delicate waist… Alas !!

Although she wears glasses, she looks even sexier with them on.

If my girlfriend is to be believed, then she has many boyfriends. Of course, she will have boyfriends; why wouldn’t the boys be crazy about such hot fuck stuff.

But I had nothing to do with all that.

I often flirted with her when my girlfriend was not around; she didn’t mind.

Sometimes Masti jokingly used to touch her parts many times, but she never objected to it.

She also lives near my house, and because of being Seema’s friend and living so close to the house, she also became a good friend of mine.

She used to live with her grandmother and younger brother; although I did not visit her house often due to being very close, her grandmother sometimes made me do small tasks like recharging, paying bills, etc.

Anjum and my girlfriend are close friends, so they share everything, which means Anjum knows everything about us.

( Fucked My Girlfriend Best Friend )

This is about when the atmosphere in Vadodara was a bit heated due to the commotion.

That’s why Anjum’s grandmother didn’t let her go to school or tuition classes alone; she used to pick her up and drop her off.

But one day, her grandmother had to go to the village for work; she took her brother with her but did not take him because of Anjum’s tuition class.

Her grandmother didn’t want to let her go to class alone, so she asked me to drop her off.

His class was at three in the afternoon, and my timings were being set, so I agreed.

That day he reminded me two or three times that I had to drop him for class.

When I went to his house at quarter to three, the door was open; I went inside secretly and reached his room.

She was getting ready and was busy grooming her hair.

I slowly went closer to her and called her loudly.

She was shocked, and then we both started laughing.

I went and sat on the bed; I had come without taking off my shoes, he asked me to take them out, but I did not listen to him.

( Fucked My Girlfriend Best Friend )

She again started getting ready.

I started looking at her carefully; she was wearing a tight purple coloured salwar-kurta, and her figure looked very sexy.

I got lost in her beauty and unknowingly whistled out of my mouth.

She turned to me and smiled.

When I realized what I had done, I was shocked.

He asked – what happened??

‘Nothing.’ I replied – How much more will you be ready, have some mercy on the poor boys!

I said teasingly in return, stood up, and started looking at the pictures on the wall.

‘I look so beautiful, why don’t you make me your girlfriend?’ He said proudly.

Fucked My Girlfriend Best Friend

‘Yes, but you are not my type.’ I replied without turning around.

I was teasing him.

‘Okay, so what’s your type?’ The sound came from very close.

When I turned back, she was standing there.

I could not see from behind; she was wearing a kurta with a big neck, and the gap between her breasts was visible.

‘You and I also know that you don’t love Seema, I know what your type is, just look at me, am I missing something?’ He continued.

( Fucked My Girlfriend Best Friend )

Such words of hers awakened my conscience; my dick started stirring.

My gaze repeatedly went to the gap between her breasts; my heartbeat touched the sky.

She was very close to me, and there was not much gap between her lips and mine; I quickly pecked her lips.

I stood close to the wall; she stood by, putting her feet on my toes.

Her boobs were touching my chest; I could feel her heavy breathing.

I started supporting her by holding her waist with both hands.

My breath made his glasses foggy, so I removed them and threw them on the bed.

And then our lips met.

I was alternately sucking her upper and lower lip; she also supported me.

My hands started crawling on her waist, stopping on her bum and squeezing her buttocks.

This action of mine made her more excited; she started kissing me more forcefully.

When our lips parted, I started kissing her neck; she started sobbing.

I turned her over and rubbed her breasts; she started moaning more loudly.

But then he noticed that the door was open, and the gate below was also open.

She separated from me and went and locked everything properly.

She went downstairs to lock the gate, till then I removed my shoes, she came back quickly and hugged me as soon as she came.

We started kissing and fell on the bed. As soon as we kissed, I was above, and he was below me.

Her boobs squeezed between my chest and hers, and her curves came from the shirt.

I went down a bit and started licking the roundness of her tits; she closed her eyes.

Then I got up and removed my shirt and bald head.

He also threw off his shirt.

She was in a brown-coloured bra; I quickly unbuttoned her salwar, slid down, and lay down on her.

‘So you must have got an idea of ​​what a good girlfriend I can be?’ he asked, lying down.

‘First let me prove what a good boyfriend I can be.’ I winked at him.

And she started pressing her breasts from the top of the bra.

‘Yes please, definitely do it, hurry up, till now I have only heard about you, please do it.’ He said.

‘Have you heard? Where?’ I thought she was talking about horror stories.

But does he know about my stories?

I needed some clarification.

‘Seema is my best friend, and she doesn’t hide anything from me. She often tells me the story of the romance between you two.

( Fucked My Girlfriend Best Friend )

Since then, I have also wanted you to love me; God has listened to me today.

Hearing his answer, I suddenly thought Anjum should not tell all this to Seema.

‘And what if Seema finds out about our romance?’ I asked.

‘How would you know? I won’t tell, and I don’t think you’re stupid enough to tell your girlfriend all this.’ He replied coolly.

And she started pulling me towards her.

Forgetting everything, I climbed back onto her and started sucking her lips.

I felt she was trying to put her tongue in my mouth, so I opened my mouth and welcomed her.

I started sucking his tongue, then took out my tongue and put it in his mouth.

This continued for a long time, our tongues playing with each other.

So, on the other hand, my hands were working their magic.

She unhooked her bra, and my hands rubbed her bare tits.

Fucked My Girlfriend Best Friend

Now I went down a bit and alternately started sucking and biting both her moms; she started going crazy.

Then when I put my hand on her pussy, she jumped; her black panty was completely wet and was emitting a pleasant smell.

Her salwar was still stuck in her legs, so I removed it.

I removed my jeans, and as soon as I removed my briefs, my dick came out in front.

She quickly grabbed my dick and started shaking it.

‘Want to suck?’

As soon as I asked, she went down and filled my dick in her mouth and started sucking back and forth.

The way she sucks it shows how much she has played.

I was lying comfortably and enjoying his kissing; my mouth was also full of pleasure.

And when I felt that I was about to leave, I signalled to her, and she took out her dick from her mouth and started shaking it, and I fell.

She started sucking dicks again, and my dick started getting hard again.

I stood up, and she lay down.

I also removed her panty, swollen clean, shaved pussy in front of me.

‘So did Seema also tell me that I like clean shaven pussy?’ I said, running my hands on her pussy.

‘No, I like to keep it clean.’ He also put his hand on her pussy.

( Fucked My Girlfriend Best Friend )

Then I lay down behind her and started rubbing my dick cap in her pussy crack from behind.

She started sighing, and then I put pressure on the dick and inserted it inside the pussy.

I was feeling the heat of her pussy on the dick; it seemed as if the dick had been put in a hot furnace.

She clenched the sheet tightly in her fists as I inserted my dick inside very lovingly. She didn’t scream; she was making um ah… a… oooooh… on… of sounds.

When the dick went completely inside, I started pushing slowly and gradually increased the speed.

With each of my thrusts, she was making the sound of ah oh, which was making me hornier.

She fell out after some time, but I didn’t, so I was engaged in pushing; after some time, I also fell out and lay down next to her.

‘I’m surprised you bunked class.’ I said, teasing her.

‘I’m glad I bunked class…’ He hugged me.

Then I dressed and came out after giving her a long French kiss.

After that, sometimes she used to bunk the school class, and we used to kiss-lick-suck somewhere in the garden or the theatre or even fuck whenever we got a chance.

Next, I fucked Kajal and Anjum together; now, how I persuaded them and what happened will have to wait for my next story.

Till then, keep enjoying the stories of infatuation and keep your pussy water flowing.

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