Enjoyed Having Sex With A Bihari Girl

Friends, I welcome all my readers, I’m Rohan. I hope you will like my story very much. This Bihari English sex story is about the sex between me and my class girl. and I Enjoyed Having Sex With A Bihari Girl And Fuck Her All Day.

This was six months back. Exams had started.

Arrangements were made for two students to sit on a bench.

Luckily a very hot and sexy figure girl was sitting next to me.
Her name was Komal and she was from Bihar.

Her boobs were like a mountain rock.
They looked very hard and solid as if no one had touched them till now.
The whole class was crazy about her ass.

And even if you are crazy, why not… She was dark-skinned and very tough.

Whoever sees her ass once, then cocks start saluting. Komal used to look at me, but my ass used to burst so that dam bitch might not get angry.

She was actually the daughter of a big officer and a girl with very modern thoughts. Since I was very fast in my studies, all the teachers liked me.

Perhaps Komal was also impressed by this ability of mine. That day the teacher distributed the paper and everyone started solving the paper. My paper was done in an hour.

When I was free, I was looking at her ass. Then suddenly she jerked her hair hard with her hand, and then she touched my face.

I Enjoyed Having Sex With A Bihari Girl – Desi English Sex Story

Ah, I felt as if the scent of her body was smelling in those hairs and she was inviting me to drink the juices of her youth.

Then I took permission from the teacher to go to the toilet and started caressing my cock in the toilet. On the other hand, in the memory of Komal, I started shaking my cock vigorously.

In no time, I released the juice by shaking my cock and came out after closing my pants. Then I sat on my seat. I coughed lightly, at the same time he looked at me, and then I slowly told her I love you.

Enjoyed Having Sex With A Bihari Girl

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She smiled. That’s why I said – see you at the canteen after the exam.

She nodded yes with a small smile on her lips. Then I asked Mem to submit a copy, then she agreed.

I submitted the copy and looked at her once and winked and I started waiting for her at the canteen.

After some time I saw her coming from far away. I ordered two coffees.

As soon as she came, I asked her to sit. She sat looking here and there.

I started looking at her. Pretending to find something in her purse, she spoke in a low voice – what are you looking at like this?

I said – Paradise.

She smiled.

Coffee arrived at the same time.

While drinking coffee, I told her – I have a surprise for you and it is a secret. See you at the hotel in the evening.

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She said – what a surprise and stop calling me again and again on the pretext of calling me like this.

I said – those excuses will stop only when you will come to me permanently.

She said – Well, are you sitting thinking so far ahead? What is the matter?

I said – I don’t know what have you thought madam… Just you support me.

I said – come in the evening, then I will tell you everything.

She said – If I don’t come then! (Enjoyed Having Sex With A Bihari Girl)

I said – then the next day you will get to read the news in the newspaper.

She said – and what news would that be?

I said- a lover committed suicide by hanging on a tree after dislike of his girlfriend.

She suddenly put her hand on my mouth and said – Shut up, you idiot.

I said – yes I have gone mad.

She said – I will come to meet this madman. But I will meet you in the room. Not in the restaurant. I agreed.

Did she ask – which hotel to come to? Mentioning the name of the hotel.

I said – bring time… don’t be in a hurry to leave.

She bowed down to me with a whisper and said – said to meet in the room. I will come full-time.

Tell me to come for the whole night?

I said – I would love to spend the night with you even more.

She said – Let’s see, I will have to shoot at home also, with which friend I am going to stay the whole night. (Enjoyed Having Sex With A Bihari Girl)

I laughed and she got up closing her eyes. After that, she left and I also came to my house.

I was very happy. Then as soon as it was evening, I reached the fixed hotel.

I told the manager to put flowers and balloons in a room. When I asked the manager at the hotel, I came to know that the room is completely ready.

I also took the room key from her and started waiting for Komal to come.

Then she got down from the auto and came to the lobby of the hotel.

I started moving towards the room. It was deserted ahead so I held her hand.

She was probably waiting for this. She immediately hugged me. Her boobs were pressing against my chest, and my cock was erect.

I put my hand on her ass and seeing the hardness of her ass, my condition worsened. She was looking very beautiful.

She was wearing a red coloured top and black coloured tight jeans. Now I started taking her toward the room.

I told her – until I ask you to open your eyes, do not open your eyes.

She said ok and started looking at me. I took her inside the room and made her stand and took a rose flower and proposed sitting on my knees in front of her. (Enjoyed Having Sex With A Bihari Girl)

She opened her eyes and was happy to see the room. I told her I love you.

She also said I love you.

I told her to sit and asked – what will you do?

She said – Today I feel like drinking vodka. I bought vodka for her and beer for myself.

I started making a peg of vodka for her. Then poured our beer in the mug and by saying cheers we both started taking sips.

Enjoyed Having Sex With A Bihari Girl

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By taking a peg down the throat, she started making her own peg.

I asked her – what is the secret of your sexy figure?

She laughed.

I lifted her peg and she started drinking. Her pink lips looked as if their shine had increased after pouring vodka.

She was a little drunk now. When I asked her to kiss, she said yes. I started kissing her and slowly started moving my fingers in her hair, caressing her hair.

She had become hot due to continuous kissing and she was also ready to answer.

She also kissed my lips. Then we both put tongues in each other’s mouths and started enjoying ourselves.

The lust of both of us flared up by sucking the tongue and at that very moment, I put my hands on her breasts. (Enjoyed Having Sex With A Bihari Girl)

When she didn’t say anything, I slowly started caressing her milk. She also started caressing my hair.

Then I removed her red colour top and started kissing her boobs from the top of her black colour bra.

After some time I freed her big pigeons from her tight bra and started squeezing their juice.

Started caressing the pink nipples of her boobs with my tongue. Her figure size would have been around 32-28-34.

My movements made her heart beat faster. Slowly the room was echoing with intoxicating voices.

Then I started kissing her navel continuously. She shuddered. Then I removed his jeans and also removed my clothes.

Now she was just in front of me in a black coloured panty and was trembling with lust.

Her face turned red from drunkenness. The intoxication of sex was visible in the eyes.

Then I picked up the rose flower kept there and started caressing her pussy with the flower from the top of her panty.

Due to this his yearning was increasing; The pussy had become wet. When he looked at me with his eyes, I understood that the time has come to see his hole.

When I stuck my fingers in the elastic of her panty, she lifted her ass. With one stroke, I took off her panty and started bending down to smell her pussy.

I took a long breath and again started rolling the flower on her pink pussy. Then suddenly water started coming out of her pussy and I started cleaning her pussy with my tongue.

Due to this, she got very hot and started roaming around. When I saw him coming in 69, I put my cock in his mouth.

She started sucking the cock. Her hot steam was giving a lot of pleasure to my cock.

I also started caressing the grain of her pussy with my hot tongue and she was completely in agony.

Her hand started moving on my cock, she started sucking my balls with her mouth. I set my position and put my cock in her virgin pussy.

As soon as he cocked, such a loud sound came out of his mouth that I got scared. I quickly put my mouth on her mouth and started kissing her.

After a few moments, I put another sharp blow in her pussy. This time my entire cock was stuck in her pussy. (Enjoyed Having Sex With A Bihari Girl)

The seal of her pussy was broken. Blood started coming out from her pussy and she suddenly got scared seeing this.

I explained to her that this is a sign of the breaking of the virginity membrane.

She understood and hugged me. I started fucking her giving fast jerks.

After about seven to eight minutes she fell. I’m putting them after some time I also fell in her pussy.

Both of us were very tired from just one kiss.

She said- I don’t know when I wanted to have sex with you.

I said – I would have given a hint sometime. She said- Yes, I could not indicate but you also never said anything to me.

I laughed and hugged her to my chest. Similarly, we had sex 2 times and I made her very happy. I also enjoyed having sex with a Bihari girl.

Hello friends, I hope you all like my sex story and enjoy it. thanks for reading.

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