Fucked Desi Virgin Girlfriend on Hills

Desi Girlfriend English Sex Story, in this story, I Fucked Desi Virgin Girlfriend on Hills. My desi girlfriend was also having fun while getting fucked.

Friends, my name is Tilak. I am a resident of Dwarka, Delhi. My age is 21 years. I am a simple-looking boy. My height is around 5’7”.

This is my first English sex story. If there is any mistake, then definitely tell me so that I can improve my story.

This is my desi girlfriend’s Sex Story. My girlfriend’s name is Kajal. She is no less than a model to see.

Her fair body, deer-like eyes, black hair and figure, are wonderful. This is from two years back.

I went to my uncle’s house. She lived near my uncle’s house. My uncle’s girl was her good friend.

Due to her kindness, Kajal and I became friends and then, slowly, our friendship turned into love.

I thought myself very lucky because such a thing would come in my destiny.

Kajal was a very nice girl, and I was just simple.

Slowly we both became very close. We had also opened up a lot on phone, and phone sex started happening between us.

I Fucked Desi Virgin Girlfriend on Hills With Pleasure

We used to talk dirty on the phone. Now both of us used to get very hot while having phone sex.

We both wanted to fulfil our sexual desire together, but we were not able to meet.

Eventually, we planned to meet on the hill behind the college. Both of us fixed the time, and I reached the hill at the time told by her.

She also came after college break. She was looking very cool. She was wearing a black T-shirt and tight jeans.

Fucked Desi Virgin Girlfriend on Hills

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Her ass was yearning to emerge from the tight jeans. She came to me. I made him sit on the bike and then took her to the same place. (Fucked Desi Virgin Girlfriend on Hills)

That hill was far away from the city. No one used to come and go there. We both reached there.

After going there, we saw a beautiful place. We saw a big stone and sat there.

For some time, we both kept looking at each other. Then I moved close to her and kissed her pink lips lightly.

She was a little shy at first, but then she became comfortable.

I started kissing her again. Now my hands reached behind her head.

We both started kissing each other’s lips. In the silence of the hill, the heartbeat of both of us could be detected.

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Slowly I started caressing her body. She also started rubbing her hands on my head and my back.

I then lifted her t-shirt and got him removed. Her boobs were tight in her bra. I saw them pressing from the top of the bra. (Fucked Desi Virgin Girlfriend on Hills)

It was a lot of fun to press her tits, and the lust was getting filled inside me.

Now I opened her bra and kept it aside. Now her teats had become bare. I started sucking on one of her nipples.

Kajal sobbed ssssssssssssssssssssssing, and she wrapped her arms around me.

Leaving her first teat, I started drinking the second one and pressing the first one with my hand.

The nipples of her soft soft teats were now under tension; their nipples were pointed and came out.

Now I started the work of opening her jeans. While drinking her nipple, I started opening the button of her jeans.

As soon as the button opened, her black panty became visible. That black panty was wreaking havoc on her white thighs.

I caressed her pussy with one hand from the top of her panty. There was slight wetness in her pussy which I felt from the top of the panty.

Then I lowered her panty further down and took off her panty.

She didn’t let me see her pussy, but I removed her hand and started caressing her pussy and started sucking her lips from above. (Fucked Desi Virgin Girlfriend on Hills)

My palm started rubbing up and down on her pussy, and her legs started to open.

Now I slowly slipped my finger in her pussy and she bit my lips. I again started sucking her lips and started fingering inside her pussy.

As my finger started going inside her pussy, sobs started coming out of her mouth.

Hearing sexy sounds from his mouth, the storm inside me increased even more. I put her hand on my cock.

At first, she removed her hand, but I kept on keeping her hand again and again.

Then, in the end, she caught hold of my cock and started caressing it by pressing it from the top of the pant.

My cock had turned to stone as if it would come out after tearing the pant.

Now I lowered my neck and, pressing her hands on the side, put my face on her pussy.

I tasted her pussy juice as soon as I touched her pussy.

There was a fire inside me, and I started sucking fast by giving my tongue into her pussy. She, too, started sobbing very loudly. (Fucked Desi Virgin Girlfriend on Hills)

We both went insane. I was bent on eating her pussy, and she started pulling the hair on my head.

I was feeling like cutting her pussy and chewing the flesh and eating it. Her pussy was so red and juicy! Now I did not think it right to delay much because we had less time.

I unbuttoned my pant and put the cock on her pussy by lowering the tights. I started running the cock on her pussy from top to bottom.

Kajal also started saying – do something now, Tilak, something is happening to me. I cannot tolerate it.

She was yearning to take my cock. I was also very eager to fuck her pussy. I set the cock on her pussy and gave a slight push, and my topa landed in her pussy.

With this, she screamed- Aahh! No… no… wait… take it out!

Fucked Desi Virgin Girlfriend on Hills

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I said – that’s all. There will be some pain initially; then everything will be fine after that.

I filled her in my arms and, while lying on her, drinking, her lips slowly started thrusting cocks.

Her moans were increasing as the cock slid inside her pussy. She was writhing in pain, but I continued lovingly caressing her and kissing her lips. (Fucked Desi Virgin Girlfriend on Hills)

Slowly I stuck the whole cock in her pussy. Now I was having a lot of fun. My whole cock was in her pussy, feeling very hot inside.

Slowly I started fucking her. She was still in pain, but I didn’t stop. I continued to spread her pussy.

Then after doing this slowly for five-seven minutes, her pain started ending.

Shortly after, she filled me in her arms and started supporting me by sucking my lips.

Now instead of her pained voices, her sexy voices were coming – ahh… Tilak… ohhh… feeling great… ahh… fuck… ahh… fuck… ahh… I love you! Tilak… Ahhh.

I also kissed her lips and said- I love you, darling… Ahhh… It is very fun having sex… Your pink pussy is very hot and tight.

In this way, we both enjoyed sex while talking sexy to each other.

There was complete silence on the hill, and only the sound of us fucking was echoing.

I was feeling a little scared to have sex in such an environment, and I was having a lot of fun too.

Now her pussy was comfortably taking my cock. My speed was now full speed. I made my push faster.

Now my thighs were hitting his thighs, due to which there was a loud sound of pat-pat.

The fuck had been going on for over 10 minutes, and now my cargo bus was about to leave.

Then my cock started stiffening, and my cock squirted semen into Kajal’s pussy while squirting strongly.

I stopped panting and lay on top of him. She was also panting loudly. It took us a long time to get back to normal. (Fucked Desi Virgin Girlfriend on Hills)

When we regained consciousness, our bodies were cold. It was getting dark, and it was getting cold.

We got up early and started mending our clothes. When Kajal saw her pussy, there was blood on it.

I took out my handkerchief and cleaned her pussy. Then I started putting my cock inside. But Kajal was looking at my cock.

I asked – what are you looking at?

She said – I have seen such a cock for the first time.

I said – so what happened?

If you want, you can hold and see. She didn’t say anything and came near me and held my sleeping cock in her hand. (Fucked Desi Virgin Girlfriend on Hills)

Our lips met again. Kissing started once again, and we both started kissing wrapped there.

While doing this, my cock got stretched in her hand.

I said- Man… give me the fun of sucking cocks once?

At first, she refused but then agreed to suck. She got down on her knees and started sucking my cock. Now I am getting the pleasure of Jannat.

She was sucking my cock like a lollipop. After that, I bent her on the same stone and started fucking her from behind by making her a mare.

This time she felt pain only for a short while, and then she started fucking making ahh… ahh… sound.

For both of us, the second round of chudai went on for a long time.

Once again, I took out water in her pussy, and then we came from there. Both of them were afraid that the baby might stay in her pussy. (Fucked Desi Virgin Girlfriend on Hills)

In the middle of the way, I got her the medicine for pain and childlessness from the medical store.

Then we both came from there, and I dropped her a little at her house. After that, the story of my fuck with Kajal started.

We both enjoyed fucking a lot and still do.

Friends, this was the story of my girlfriend’s fuck. How did you like this story, do write to me about it.

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