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hello friends my name is Amit today I am going to tell you English Sex Story which is mine so let’s start

I Enjoyed Real Sex with video cam sex. I was enjoying video sex with Camgirl. A neighbor came in between us and saw me.

I told you how I had video sex with model Seema, found on an Online sex chat website.

But in the meantime, my neighbor Neha, a divorcee, had come.
He saw me having video sex with Seema, and Neha also joined us.

I put a dick in Neha’s mouth and started fucking her.
On the other hand, Seema released her pussy water on the camera, so I also fell into Neha’s mouth.
Seema started gasping badly after the fall and went offline.

But until now, my neighbor Neha’s pussy was thirsty.
As soon as Seema went offline, Neha looked at me and gave me a lustful smile.
He caught my hand with his hand and put it inside his wet pants.

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I saw that Neha’s pussy was completely wet. 
Then she sat in the middle of my thighs, and her boobs got stuck on the inner part of my thighs. 
Neha wiped the semen on her lips and stood up.

She sat on my lap, and I got buried under her thick, thick boobs.
His lips came onto mine, and I started feeling the salty taste of his lips.

We both started kissing.

A small sigh escaped her lips, and I felt that I should do whatever it took to make her happy.

The lovely scent of her body was reaching my nostrils.

My hands started sliding on her soft body, and I started caressing her white body.

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Me: I don’t even know your name!

She bent down and held my face in her hands.
Part of her thighs were rubbing on my dick.

She started kissing my neck and sucking the flame out of my ears.
I also held her ass with both hands and started squeezing hard.

She said, For tonight, you can call me Neha.
I whispered in her ear, -Ok, Neha.

She whispered again, Oh fuck, call me again, na.
I bit her neck, kissing both sides and called her that name many times.

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She came downstairs and grabbed my dick.
Slowly, she started fisting dicks.
He rested his neck on my shoulder, and now I felt his body completely sticking to me.

Neha was deeply kissing me.

Now I put my hands on her nipples and started pressing her nipples into my palms.
He started sucking my bare chest while looking into my eyes.

Then she gave him a quick kiss and stood up.
Neha, I think we should call that cam girl again. I want him to see us fucking.
Me: This is a great idea.

Neha now sat on my lap with her back to me.
She started rubbing her ass on my dick and started provoking me.

Somehow I was growling while controlling him, but I could not remove my hands from his body.

I gathered her hair, threw it forward over her shoulder, and started kissing her back.
Neha’s sobs came out.

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While kissing, I took my hand forward and started squeezing her nipples, which was also tickling her.

The Delhi Escorts Sex Chat website was still open on the computer.
Neha messages Seema.

Luckily, Seema had come online.
She must also be curious to know what is going on between Neha and me now.

Neha: Until she is not seen, keep kissing my neck. having fun, I did the same.

Meanwhile, Seema came on the camera and saw me taking off Neha’s leggings.

She also opened her legs and started caressing her pussy.

I was now patting Neha’s bare ass while slapping.
Also kissing her neck.

Seema- Fuck! You both are very hot.
Neha, did you like it?
Seema-rub, rub, yes, don’t stop!

I bit Neha on the neck, and she let out a long breath.

Now she has turned around.
Neha’s ass was now facing the camera.
He patted his ass on Seema.

Here I played music on the speaker, and Neha started shaking her ass to that music.
Then she bent down on my body and gave me a deep kiss.

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Peeping over Neha’s shoulder, I saw Seema fingering her pussy fast on the front cam.

Me: Ahh, it’s so hot.
Neha: So you want to fuck me or not?
Seema: Aaah, yes, fuck him, ahh.

I put the dick on Neha’s pussy, and Neha sat on it.
He threw his head back as soon as he sat down.
She put her arms around my neck and started jumping on my thighs.

The dick in her pussy was getting inside out.
And I can say with confidence that it has been a long time since Neha got fucked.

She was sobbing loudly—oh, god, so much inside… ahh ahh.

Her chest was moving up and down while she took my hot dick in her pussy.
I was feeling the wet walls of her pussy on the taut veins of my dick.

Now I also bent toward her and started drinking her nipples.
She stopped and started moving her ass round and round low down on my thighs as if she were grinding my dick in her pussy grinder.
My dick was completely stuck in her pussy, and she was kissing me wildly.

She was breathing through it, rolling her tongue in my mouth.
He looked into my eyes, and a sigh of pleasure escaped his mouth.

Seema: Oh fuck! I feel my pussy will come out looking at both of you.
Neha, I also want to fight with you.

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Then Neha got up from me and came into the mare’s position.
She opened her legs and turned the camera down so that Seema could also see me fucking Neha.

I held Neha’s ass and spread her clits wide.
I spit on her tight ass hole, and she took a breath.

Seema was watching us closely, and she too had wholly removed her dress.

Now Seema was sitting completely naked in front of the screen.
Milky water was coming out of her pussy, and she was continuously rubbing her pussy with that sticky substance.

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Seema- Yah… torture her like this!
Neha: Ohh Fck! fuck me! Fuck!

I slipped my dick in her pussy and started fingering her ass simultaneously.
Neha started sobbing as loudly as she could.

My dick was getting tighter in her pussy, and the sound of her thighs hitting her buttocks was palpable.

Along with us, Seema’s sobs also started coming out in rhythm.
Seema, Leave it in her pussy! I also want to see you fall.
Neha looked at the screen and took a deep breath.

He looked at me, biting his lip and rolling his eyes in delight as he nodded.

I bent down on her waist and started fingering her pussyfoot.
My chest was pressed against his sweaty back.

I pushed her on the floor, and she opened her legs wider.
While making the position of my legs, I put my dick in her pussy and started trampling her badly.

She stopped me, turned around, and started fingering her pussy again.
In the meantime, the material got released from my dick and started falling on her wet pussy.

I fell on top of him and started kissing him, while Neha’s body also got stiff.

I was clinging to her body, and white water was continuously coming out of her pussy.

Then I said, – Fak, you are very sexy.
I was kissing him, and by putting my tongue in his mouth, I was moving my tongue in his mouth.

Neha- This sweaty body of yours is giving me pleasure.

He spread my sweat all over his body and rubbed it.
We both kept kissing passionately.

Then she stopped, removed the scattered hairs from her eyes, and started looking deeply into my eyes.

Neha, fuck me till you stuff my pussy, as this whore has also asked you to do.
Seema: Yes, please leave it in her pussy!

Now we both started kissing again, caressing each other’s bodies.

Seema was also rubbing her pussy, which helped my dick get erect.

As soon as the dick was erect, I once again pushed the dick into Neha’s pussy.
I held her clitoral area and started fucking her hard, looking at Seema’s bare body.

Neha’s sobs have now started getting louder with every push.

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I kept fucking Neha like this for ten minutes.

On the other hand, Seema was running her fingers deep inside her pussy.

Seeing this sight, my body suddenly became stiff, and my teeth clenched.
My mind stopped working, and the load of semen from my dick started filling Neha’s pussy until the uterus.

Seeing me fall into Neha’s pussy, she was in immense joy, and her pussy left a fountain of juice.

After falling into the pussy, I took out my dick, and a few drops of semen came out from the top of the dick.

The rest of the semen was slowly coming out of Neha’s pussy.
I sat there on the floor after the actual fuck.

Seema gave him a flying kiss and quickly showed off her body.
There she was showing off her ass, and we were both smiling at her.

Seema- If both of you fuck again, then definitely call me too! I had so much fun with you both!

I also gave an extra tip to Seema for making our night so colorful.

Neha kept lying on top of me and kept kissing me for a long time. I want to sleep naked on you the whole night, just like that.
Me: Yes, we can sleep like this.
Saying this, I sucked his tongue with my tongue.

Neha: Then in the morning you can fuck me in the shower. Then you can fuck me in the evening too, and you can keep doing this.

Then both of us got up and went to bed, playing with each other’s pussies so that we could get some rest.

If any of you want to fill your sex life with such thrills, then include any DSC girl in your life.
My experience has been excellent.

I did not know how many times after that I enjoyed such video cam sex with Seema.

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