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Read in this hot story of sex that I again met and befriended a girl in Delhi Metro. One day he asked for a night out party. But we had a party in her room only. and Enjoyed Sex With Hot Girl.

Friends, my name is Rahul. My age is 31 years. I live in Delhi and work in a private company. I’m only 24 years old.

First, let me tell a little about myself that I keep doing kickboxing, that’s why I am very fit. I have had sex with many girls, one of whom I am going to tell you today in a true and sexy sex story.

This hot English sex story started with a one-year-old incident of sex. At that time I met a girl in Delhi Metro. That day was my first day in the new company. I had to go to Noida, so I was travelling in the metro.

As soon as I found an empty seat, I sat on it. Then a girl came and sat next to me.

I saw her and got engrossed in listening to songs on my mobile. I didn’t pay any special attention to that girl. (Enjoyed Sex With Hot Girl)

After reaching Noida, I came out of the metro station and started looking for an auto.

When I asked an auto driver, she said that I will take another ride along with me.

I said yes and sat in the auto. Then the same girl sat with me in the same auto. Now when I looked at that girl carefully, she was very beautiful. 

The thin, slim fair girl of a single body was looking very innocent. Her boobs were very cool.

Auto started.

I just asked her – where are you going.

So it came to know that she works in my office only. But this was her last month as she was about to change jobs.

Her new job was in Noida only. Her name was Sakshi and she lived in Karol Bagh on rent with a friend. She was actually a resident of Gaya, Bihar, and was a Bihari hahaha.

Enjoyed Sex With Hot Girl After Party in Her House

In all these things, I had many types of talks with that girl. Then both of us got down from the auto and reached the office and started our work. (Enjoyed Sex With Hot Girl)

Luckily, while coming back at night, she met me again and we came home together. Now both of us had become very good friends. She also gave me her number.

Then we both started talking a lot and our friendship also became firm. Our conversation on the phone and on meetings went on for almost a month.

Then one day, a week before Diwali, on Friday, she said to me – why don’t we both have a night out today, party.

I also said yes.

We both left the office a little early and went at once. There was a lot of crowd.

Enjoyed Sex With Hot Girl

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So she said that there is a lot of crowd here. You come with me to my room. We’ll have a party there.

I also liked her idea. (Enjoyed Sex With Hot Girl)

We took a bottle of scotch and had some chips. In no time we both reached her room. We ordered online for dinner.

Then suddenly Sakshi’s roommate also came. She also joined us. I made the pegs and started hitting the pegs while cheering.

Her roommate had a habit of smoking cigarettes, so he took out the cigarette box and extended it towards me. I also took a cigarette.

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All three of us talked a lot and laughter and jokes continued between us.

All three of us had finished three pegs. Till now we all were very happy and were in full mood.

Then Sakshi started playing songs and all three of us started dancing.

We finished the whole bottle while dancing and singing. All three of us were very relaxed and started talking openly. (Enjoyed Sex With Hot Girl)

After about two hours I started going home, then Sakshi asked me to stay there.

I also had to know which one was necessary for someone in the house. So I stopped there too. I had become very intoxicated, so now I was finding it difficult to leave.

Sakshi’s roommate went to the other room and slept.

Me and Sakshi started talking in this room.

Sakshi also lit a cigarette and while blowing smoke, she told that she had a breakup some time ago and she was alone since then.

She gave me a cigarette and said – I will come after changing in a minute.

I said ok, so she went to the washroom and changed her clothes.

Now she had put on a T-shirt and half shorts. She was looking very hot in this dress. Seeing her fair legs, all my intoxication went away. (Enjoyed Sex With Hot Girl)

I started staring at her. She also started reading my eyes. Then I made her sit next to me and started showing her the photos on my phone.

She put her hand on my shoulder to see the photo on my mobile. Through her loose T-shirt, I could clearly see her white nipples. My cock got erect on seeing them.

Then suddenly her hand came on my cock, which stood like Qutub Minar.

She started laughing after feeling my standing cock and said – Your Pappu has woken up.

I also started laughing and said – She also becomes a lion after drinking alcohol.

Then she said – So how many victims has this lion of yours killed so far?

Looking at her nipples, I said – she has hunted a lot.

She said with dancing eyes – Really! (Enjoyed Sex With Hot Girl)

I said – yes really. You tell… how many people hunted you.

At this, she laughed and became silent.

Now both of us started talking sexy openly.

After some time she said- My boyfriend was quite straight, she didn’t do anything at all. I gave many chances to the brother-in-law, but she never dared to do anything.

I asked her – so are you still a virgin?

She didn’t say anything, I understood that she is Chudi Chudai.

Then she locked the other room on the pretext of washroom and came where her roommate was sleeping.

Now she started looking at me with thirsty eyes… as if she was waiting for just this boobsent since long.

This time she came very close to me and sat down. I also started rubbing my hands on her legs while talking. (Enjoyed Sex With Hot Girl)

She was starting to get hot.

I looked at her and asked her with a gesture of eyes, what’s the mood?

She laughed and winked at me.

I hugged her at that very boobsent. She also stuck with me.

Now I slowly started rubbing my hand on her back and started kissing her cheeks. She also started kissing me.

Seeing the opportunity, I kissed her by placing my lips on her lips. She was probably waiting for this. Sakshi started supporting me. We both started kissing each other like crazy.

Then I made her stand up and took him towards the wall. On the other side, I started kissing her loudly by leaning her against the wall.

She also put one leg in my room and started rubbing herself with me. I started pressing her nipples with my hands. She also started getting excited. (Enjoyed Sex With Hot Girl)

Then I put my one hand inside her shorts and started fingering her pussy. As if she had become completely intoxicated. He took off my T-shirt by extending her hands.

I also took off her T-shirt. Opened the hook of her bra as well. In front of me both her fair white nipples had come open. I quickly started sucking them hard.

She said in an intoxicated voice – Ahh and suck harder… and suck harder… please… I am enjoying it.

I started biting both her boobss alternately with my teeth. She also started rubbing my cock with her hand.

Now she was not tolerating it, so she said – go to bed.

We both came to the bed. (Enjoyed Sex With Hot Girl)

Then she pushed me and dropped me on the bed, she climbed on top of me and started licking me. Then slowly she came downstairs and started taking off my pants.

Taking off my pant, Sakshi also took off her shorts. Now both of us were just left in underwear. Both of our bodies were rubbing against each other. Really we both were having a lot of fun.

Then I put her under me and climbed on top of her and started kissing her. While kissing, I took off her panty and mine too. I lay on top of him and started kissing him again.

My cock was rubbing on her pussy. She was getting more intoxicated after getting the touch of the cock.

That’s why I put my big finger in her pussy, and then she got upset. I started fingering loudly in Sakshi’s pussy.

She pulled my hair and started kissing me on the lips. I was going to finger that girl’s pussy.

Then she grabbed my hand and started putting my cock in her pussy. My thick cock was not able to enter any of her pussy. (Enjoyed Sex With Hot Girl)

I spit on my cock and started inserting cock in her pussy. My cock had just entered her pussy a little bit and she bit me hard on the neck.

Enjoyed Sex With Hot Girl

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I felt pain, so I jerked hard and inserted the whole cock in her pussy. She was about to scream as soon as the cock was inserted, and then I closed her lips with my lips.

Her screams were choked and she started teasing her.

My cock was very thick according to her pussy. She started gesturing me to stop with her hand. I stopped and started coaxing her to calm down.

She becafor me normal in no time. So I started jerking slowly. After twenty blows, she also started supporting me. (Enjoyed Sex With Hot Girl)

As soon as I got her company, I increased the speed of sex and started fucking her pussy hard.

She had fallen once in about 10 minutes of dhakapel chudai. I was also about to ejaculate now… and she too had reached her peak again.

I asked her – should I come?

Saying yes, she started taking the cock fast while lifting her ass. Her body started getting rigid. She started falling.

That’s why I also jerked with full force and removed all the goods of my cock. She too fell down and became exhausted. We both started taking long breaths.

I had so much fun in sex after a long time and maybe my cock had given her some peace.

We both lay like this for some time. Kept loving kissing each other.

Then after a while she started shaking my cock with her hands. This made my cock erect again. Now I asked her to come up… she quickly came up to me. I put my cock in her pussy and she started jerking from above. (Enjoyed Sex With Hot Girl)

After a while, I made her a mare and started fucking her. Then I made her stand up and took him to the wall. On the other hand, I took her in front of me, lifted one of her legs and put cock in her pussy.

She moaned a bit and I started jerking hard.

Along with Lund Chut Ki Chudai, I started sucking her fair white nipples one by one. She was also feeding me by pressing her milk with her hand.

That’s why I bit one of her teats with my teeth. Due to this, a very Rahul mark was made on one of her breasts and she screamed.

I gave her relief from pain by sucking her same milk. She also started kissing me while biting me.

Both of us had become so sensual in the fun of sex that we were licking and biting each other. Both had made many marks on each other’s body, which were clearly visible.

But we were not worried about it at that time… we were just in our own fun, as if flying in the air. We were just having sex forgetting everything…

There was no concern for anyone, nor was there any worry about the consequences. We even forgot that we are having sex without condom. (Enjoyed Sex With Hot Girl)

After about twenty minutes we both ejaculated again. After that, we parted ways and took some rest. She started talking by sticking to me. Today we wanted to quench all our thirsts.

It was now 2 o’clock in the night. All our intoxication had also gone.

She again came on top of me and hugging me started caressing my body with her hands. Started kissing my body. I also liked his touch. My cock had also turned red, which was also burning.

I told her, so she brought a lotion and started rubbing it on my cock. I got a lot of relief from this lotion. Then she applied the lotion all over my body and started massaging me. I felt very good with the massage.

After some time she started looking into my eyes. I understood. Now it was my turn.

I made her lie upside down and took lotion from her and started massaging her. I slowly applied lotion all over her bare body and started rubbing it with my hand.

I started pressing her nipples by applying lotion. I was having a lot of fun.

Then I started sucking her breasts and made them red by sucking.

After this she pushed me a little, I understood her wish, came down and started massaging her pussy. I put my two fingers in her pussy. She spread her legs in the air and started panting with lust, then I started fingering harder. (Enjoyed Sex With Hot Girl)

For a few boobsents she pulled me over her and started putting my cock in her pussy. Because of the smoothness of the lotion, the whole cock easily went straight inside tearing her pussy.

She took a sweet sigh and gobbled up my cock. Both of us now started fucking while enjoying ourselves comfortably.

Then she pushed me and started jerking on top of me. I started pressing her boobs.

After a while, I put her down again and lifted both her legs and put them on my shoulders and started jerking her hard.

After a fun fuck, both of us were about to get upset again… She started screaming while making intoxicating sounds.

I closed her mouth with my hand and removed all the material inside her. After falling, I fainted and fell on her and we started kissing each other.

Then fell asleep sticking naked.

She woke me up in the morning before her roommate got up and we both got dressed. From there I started coming towards home.

While leaving, she gave me a tremendous kiss and said – I liked it very much.

I also kissed her and came to my house. (Enjoyed Sex With Hot Girl)

When I came home and saw, I came to know that there were many marks on my body, but the mark on my neck was very Rahul and was clearly visible.

I started smiling and felt her scar as my memorable fuck.

Now whenever we both meet, I show her my scars and joke and ask how is your nipple scar? Then she would laugh.

Now we had come very close to each other and used to find opportunities to fuck.

Sometimes she used to have sex at my house, sometimes at his house.

Her roommate had also come to know about us. Sakshi used to tell her about our sex. Now whenever I used to go to her house, she used to laugh at me. (Enjoyed Sex With Hot Girl)

Under compulsion, I had to take something for her too. Even after that, we had sex many times, which was very fun.

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