Fucked With Colleague

In this story, I am a desi girl from Old Delhi. I got a job and became friends with a colleague.

We started traveling together and Fucked With Colleague.

Friends, my name is Dimple. I am a resident of Old Delhi.

My figure is 36-34-40. I am very sexy and hot in appearance.

This is the real English Sex Story of a desi girl from Old Delhi.

I had gone for a job interview at a company in Delhi.

I was selected.

When I went to the office, I met a colleague named Deepak.

We both fought on the very first day regarding work.

After that, the lockdown started.

I continued since my company was allowed to work even during the lockdown.

During that time, my duty was with Deepak.

Both of us did not get along at all.

Then slowly, somehow, we both started talking, and we both became good friends.

Now both of us had started talking on the phone as well.

Once upon a time, I asked Deepak about his Girlfriend.

He said that he does not have any gf.

I don’t know why I felt excellent inside after hearing this.

Now both of us had come very close.

One day he called me for coffee.

We both went to a restaurant.

There we both sat in a cabin and started talking.

He touched my body while talking.

I liked his touch, so I didn’t say anything.

Then he touched my body too much, and I smiled.

He immediately started kissing me by applying his lips to mine.

I was taken aback and could not stop him.

( Fucked With Colleague )

I don’t know why I also liked the juice of her lips. I also started supporting her.

Seeing this, he went one step further; he started pressing my nipples as well.

I started fainting.

Then suddenly, someone’s call came on my phone, and I got separated from him.

This call was important, so I came from there.

Fucked With Colleague

Now both of us started talking on the phone for hours.

One day he called me to meet.

He took me to a hotel room.

When I went to the hotel room, he filled my mouth with vermilion and started sucking my lips.

I could not stop him.

( Fucked With Colleague )

When she filled me with vermilion, I got carried away with emotions and started supporting her kissing, but I could not keep her in front of her.

He started lovingly talking to me and told me that if we can get married only by showing the world, then come on, I will now fill vermilion in front of everyone in the office.

I didn’t say anything to her; I just started crying, hugging her chest.

He started caressing me lovingly and started kissing me.

Soon we both started getting into trouble with each other and gradually, when he undressed and me, I lost my senses.

After getting naked, he climbed on top of me and started rubbing his cock with my pussy.

But he didn’t let me realize that he was about to insert his cock in my pussy.

He kissed me by touching my lips and started putting his tongue in my mouth.

I got so excited to suck his tongue that I started rubbing my pussy with his cock myself.

His cock was hard and was trying to enter my pussy.

At the same time, something happened he stuck his cock in my pussy and pushed the betel nut inside.

His fat supra started ripping my pussy and hitting it inside.

I was in much pain, but his mouth was attached to mine, and I could not hear the scream.

The anger of the desi girl of Old Delhi had burst.

I tried to remove it, but it was stuck on me.

Then he gave power to his cock and hit a powerful shot, and his cock got into the depth of my pussy.

My sobs came out, but the sound could not come out.

He stopped for some time and didn’t let me move until my swearing ended.

( Fucked With Colleague )

Then when the cock made a place in the pussy, and the juice from inside lubricated the cock and gave a signal to start the fuck, then he removed his mouth from my mouth and started looking at me with intoxicated eyes.

That moment was such that I could not express it in writing.

I was having a lot of fun.

That’s why he bent down and pulled the nipple of one of my teats in his lips, and then my intoxicated sigh came out.

Perhaps the nipple or teat has a deep connection with the pussy.

Here he sucked my teat by pulling it; on the other side, my ass got up from below and gave him a signal to start fucking.

He started fucking me slowly.

I felt sweet pain as his thick cock moved in my tight pussy.

Within no time, due to the greasy juice, there was a fight between the pussy and the cock, and the fun started.

We wanted to defeat each other, but no one wanted to back down.

In this brawl of about twenty minutes, I felt juice from Deepak’s cock entering my inside, and at that exact moment, I felt something cutting inside me.

I fainted, and tears welled up in my eyes.

Deepak licked my cheeks and drank all my tears.

That day Deepak fucked me twice in an excellent way.

My first time fuck was such that I fell in love with it.

After this, we both started talking dirty on the phone.

( Fucked With Colleague )

The Deepak had put vermilion on my forehead, so I accepted him as my husband.

After that, Deepak took me many times to different hotel rooms, and every time there, he gave me the absolute pleasure of sex.

He also started licking and sucking my pussy by putting his tongue in it.

My hands ran over her body, and intoxicating sounds came out of my mouth.

Then due to the company’s work, Deepak had to go out on training for a month.

I got disappointed.

That day he took me to the hotel and fucked me a lot. Then he left.

When he returned, he did not come to his job; he called me to the hotel room.

I was also eager to take leave from the office and rub myself in his arms.

My pussy was itching very much.

That day I did not get the pleasure of sex for a long time, and because of this, I was thirsty for sex; the evil spirit of sex possessed me.

They started taking me on a trip to Jannat in Deepak.

He made me completely naked and made me lie on the bed and spread my legs, and started licking my pussy.

I had also pressed her head in my pussy as if I would push her head inside my pussy.

( Fucked With Colleague )

In no time, I left all my water in his mouth.

Deepak also licked all the water in my pussy.

After that, Deepak put his big cock in my mouth.

I was also sucking his cock like crazy.

That day his cock sounded much more substantial than usual.

I was enjoying sucking his cock.

I told him too – dear, today he is looking too fat!

He said – yes, my love, for so many days, he did not get to taste your pussy. It is filled with material, so it has become thick.

I felt excellent from inside listening to him that my lover’s cock is yearning for my pussy.

I left no stone unturned to suck his cock.

He was also holding my hair, and while moving me back and forth, he was fucking my face.

Along with sucking his cock, I was caressing his ass as well.

After a few minutes, while sighing, Deepak left all the water of his cock in my mouth.

I tasted his semen for the first time today.

It was thick and tasty semen.

I licked all the water off his cock and ate it.

( Fucked With Colleague )

Then Deepak took out a bottle of beer from the fridge in the room, poured beer on my breasts, and sucked them a lot.

Similarly, he put me down, poured beer all over my body, and sucked me hard.

I was also intoxicated and was caressing his cock. His cock was tanned again.

Now he made me lie down on the bed, opened my legs, and put them on both his shoulders.

The pussy had come openly on the target of the cock and was getting restless for the cocks.

He put his cock on my pussy and immediately jerked it, and his thick cock entered my pussy.

I screamed and was saying, ‘Ah, died…Dheere chod kaminey…’.

I was in pain, and he was throbbing very fast.

The pain disappeared in no time.

Now intoxicating sounds came from my mouth, and I immensely enjoyed it.

( Fucked With Colleague )

He was jerking his cock while taking it out inside my pussy.

A loud sound came from my mouth, and I was enjoying my fuck.

He had taken me on a trip to heaven.

Deepak was going to fuck me fast, and I was getting fucked by his cock.

Fucked With Colleague

Deepak’s thick cock was tearing my pussy.

I was also fucking drunk.

After some time, Deepak again put his cock in my mouth, and I started sucking his cock.

I was enjoying a lot from such fuck.

It was also a lot of fun to suck his cock.

Deepak started kissing me.

( Fucked With Colleague )

He was kissing merrily by putting his tongue in his mouth.

I was going insane.

I gestured for him to drink my pussy.

Brother-in-law refused.

He used to suck pussy very well, but at that time, he was thinking of something else.

I put Deepak on the bed and rested my pussy on his cock.

After some time, he indicated, I removed my pussy from the cock and put it in his mouth.

Now I started licking my pussy.

Deepak put his tongue entirely inside my pussy.

I got mad.

It seemed that he would just eat my pussy.

He sucked my pussy coolly, and I left his mouth watering again.

( Fucked With Colleague )

Deepak loved to drink my pussy juice.

He drank water from my pussy.

He showed me paradise again today; He told me what real sex is.

That day I had sex with him like a market prostitute.

Later Deepak started jerking me by sitting on his cock.

I was feeling his cock sinking like a banana in my pussy.

Deepak fucked me in different positions for about half an hour.

I could not stop him and kept supporting him ultimately.

( Fucked With Colleague )

I was in extreme pain. More than that, I was worried about satisfying Deepak’s hunger for sex.

My pussy had become addicted to his lips and cock.

Then Deepak made me sit on the sofa and suck his cock again.

I could not refuse her.

I sucked his cock three times today. I didn’t like sucking cock, but I started liking sucking my lover’s cock.

Then Deepak made me lie on the bed and started fucking me again.

He was fucking so hard that day that I felt like just continuing to fuck him.

He was driving me crazy.

I had become really into Deepak’s son.

That day he had fucked me three times.

( Fucked With Colleague )

I was utterly exhausted.

That day Deepak had left his semen inside me every time, due to which I became pregnant.

Till now, I have become pregnant twice from Deepak.

Even then, I loved Deepak and started kissing him again and again.

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