Fucked My Lovely Bhabhi

Hello friends, I am your friend, Jeetendra.

My previous English Sex Story was the story of Enjoyed Sex With Hot Girl After Party.

Today I am going to tell you the story of my Bhabhi’s fuck, how I Fucked My Lovely Bhabhi and enjoyed it.

There are six people in our family. Me, my sister Akanksha, my parents, my brother Gaurav and Bhabhi Priya

My Bhabhi’s name is Priya and she is very sexy.

His body is whole. Her figure is 34-30-36.

They are very beautiful, but the color is a bit dark. She looks like Bipasha Basu.

This Car Sex Story is from a few days ago.

We went to someone’s wedding.

We have a car which can seat only 5 people, but there are 6 people in the family.

Due to some financial constraints, we adjusted everything.

So we all had to go to another city for the wedding.

We all got stuck in the car and sat down.

Father and brother were sitting in front.

Me, Bhabhi, my mother, and my sister were trapped in the back seat.

We had gone only a short distance when we started having trouble.

My and Bhabhi’s bodies were hitting each other. Sometimes his hand would touch my body, and sometimes my hand would touch his breasts.

She did not react to this and I had nothing in mind for him either.

( Fucked My Lovely Bhabhi )

After walking some more distance, he said to me – either you sit on my lap or let me sit on your lap.

I made her sit on my lap.

As soon as she sat on my dick, my body started running like a current.

But I was stopping myself.

When the car fell into the potholes, she was jumping on my dick and my dick was getting erect.

Now my thoughts had changed for them, but I was also afraid that they might come to know that I have taken up arms.

Once the Bhabhi jumped in such a way that she sat directly on my dick.

They also realized that my 7-inch penis has become erect.

I thought she would be angry with me. What is this?

But she smiled at me and turned away.

Now my courage also increased.

I caught them. I caught hold of my Bhabhi in such a way that no one suspected her.

Slowly my courage increased and I put my hand on her thighs and started caressing her.

There was no response from him.

After doing this for some time, I took my hand towards her pussy.

But he held my hand and showed me his eyes.

I got scared and Bhabhi kept my hand on the side.

But perhaps all this was going on in his mind as well.

After some time she covered herself and me with a shawl and took my hand and put it on her thighs.

I also understood her hint and after caressing her thighs for some time, put my hand on her pussy from above the salwar.

As if a 440-volt current had run through his body.

He covered both of us with a shawl; So no one could see what my hand was doing.

I started caressing her pussy from above the salwar and she was also enjoying it a lot.

I put the other hand on her breasts and started pressing some boobs.

Bhabhi’s intoxicating sobs had started coming out, but she was suppressing her voice by pinching her lips.

She was shaking a lot, due to which the dick was enjoying rubbing her pussy.

All this went on for ten minutes.

Now she opened the cord of her salwar and put my hand inside.

By now I had also put my hands inside her to rub her kurti.

Bhabhi started rubbing my dick from the top of my pant.

After caressing her pussy for some time, I put my two fingers in her pussy.

( Fucked My Lovely Bhabhi )

As soon as the fingers went inside, she jumped and a scream came out of her mouth.

Fucked My Lovely Bhabhi

I stopped my hand there.

Brother turned back and said – what happened?

Taking care of her senses, the Bhabhi said – I have to go to the washroom.

Brother said – let’s stop at some dhaba next.

They started driving.

Now I started taking out both fingers inside the Bhabhi’s pussy.

Bhabhi was also on cloud nine.

My fingers were well feeling the heat of his burrow.

As the fingers go inside, it rises upwards.

I was enjoying it too.

Here Bhabhi started opening my pants.

I was rubbing her pussy with one hand and her big boobs with the other hand.

Both of us were not even knowing where we were. I just got burnt in the fire of lust.

Fingers going in Bhabhi’s hot pussy and hands rubbing boobs were giving a lot of pleasure.

Then suddenly my brother stopped the car at the dhaba.

We both pulled ourselves together and fixed our clothes.

Everyone got out of the car.

On the one hand, I got down and felt relieved, but on the other hand, I felt sad that why did we stop because both of us were completely hot.

As soon as she got down, the Bhabhi started going towards the toilet and I also followed her into the women’s toilet.

There was no one there, so I grabbed Bhabhi from behind and started kissing her neck.

Bhabhi was also supporting me a lot.

I took off his shirt.

Now Bhabhi was in a bra.

I turned her around and started kissing her by placing my lips on hers.

After kissing for about 5 minutes, I went downstairs.

I started sucking Bhabhi’s mom from the top of the bra.

Bhabhi’s hand was also in my hair.

That’s why a voice came:- Brother, what are you doing?

This voice was of my sister Akanksha.

He had seen both of us doing all this.

( Fucked My Lovely Bhabhi )

We both got very scared and she also ran away.

We both ran after him.

I told him not to tell anyone about this. Take whatever he wants. But don’t tell this to anyone.

After explaining for some time, she agreed.

But he told me to stay away from me and my Bhabhi.

I also told him – ok, I will stay away.

But how was the fire that had awakened inside both of us going to calm down like this?

We all had breakfast there and again sat in the car and went ahead.

Everyone was sitting like that. Bhabhi was sitting on top of me wearing a shawl.

This time my sister was looking at us again and again so we remained silent for some time.

After some time, when the Bhabhi could not resist, she held my hand and put it in her salwar.

Now I was about to remove my hand that Akanksha also put her hand inside to cover the shawl and she saw that my hand was on Bhabhi’s pussy.

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She was staring at both of us; That’s why Bhabhi also covered her shawl and while doing all this she also suppressed a boob of desire.

She was staring at both of us.

Meanwhile, Bhabhi put her hand on Akanksha’s pussy and started caressing her.

Akanksha tried hard to remove him, but he was holding Akanksha’s pussy with full force and kept on squeezing.

Here my hand was running on Bhabhi’s pussy.

When her fantastic boobs touched my chest, I came to know that Bhabhi had removed her bra.

My mouth was in between her hot moms and my hand was running fast in her hot pussy.

Bhabhi was rubbing my sister’s pussy with one hand and shaking my dick with the other hand.

This went on for some time and the Bhabhi fell.

Its hot lava water was passing through my hands.

My hand was wet.

I took out my hand and started licking it.

Akanksha was watching all this.

By now she was also hot.

Bhabhi’s hand was moving vigorously on my dick and Akanksha’s pussy.

I was also about to fall and maybe Akanksha too.

After two minutes we both let out an ah and we brothers and sisters fell together.

All three of us had now calmed down a bit and loosened up.

But the real fire had already started.

Till now the sister who was against us also wanted to take dick in her pussy.

For some time all three of us fell asleep due to fatigue.

By now we had reached the wedding venue there.

All the women were in a hurry to change clothes.

( Fucked My Lovely Bhabhi )

Bhabhi was wearing a red lehenga, from which her navel was visible.

Fucked My Lovely Bhabhi

She was looking very sexy.

I was feeling like holding and fucking me now.

But now everyone had to enjoy the wedding.

When everyone sat down tired after eating and drinking, I gestured to my Bhabhi.

I told him – I am tired and going to sleep.

Bhabhi also said in front of everyone – I am also tired and I also have to change my dress.

Saying this we both left together.

But my sister had heard all this.

We both reached the room and started kissing each other.

I started taking off her clothes.

Soon the Bhabhi was only in bra and pants.

I pushed her onto the bed and started kissing her.

When I kissed her on the neck for the first time, she was sobbing with her eyes closed, ‘Aaah uh.’

Now I came on her breasts and started sucking one boob and pressing the other boobs with my hand.

Abuses started coming out of his mouth – suck motherfucker… drink all their juices… Oi maa….’

After sucking the nipples for ten minutes, I came down further and put my tongue on the navel, and started licking it.

The voice of the Bhabhi had become louder, will kill the motherfucker.

After this, I went further down and lowered his pants with my teeth.

He put his mouth on her pussy and started licking it.

Now she was jumping and her sobs had turned into screams.

( Fucked My Lovely Bhabhi )

Bhabhi was saying- now don’t yearn sister… fuck me.

When my eyes went towards the gate, my sister was standing there watching all this.

One hand was on her pussy, the other on the boobs.

Seeing all this, I got even more excited.

I put my dick on Bhabhi’s pussy and gave a push.

But the dick slipped.

Then I spit on her pussy and pushed again.

This time half of my dick entered Bhabhi’s pussy and she started shouting- Aah dog, get out. it hurts a lot.

I did not take out the dick and put my lips on his lips.

Perhaps their brother did not fuck Bhabhi.

After some time his pain subsided and he gestured by raising his waist.

I started hitting.

Love-filled hisses were now coming out of her mouth- ah, no, no Fuck your Bhabhi today… and quench the thirst of births… Ah.

Hearing all this, I got more excited and started hitting hard.

On the other side, my sister was fingering her pussy.

After some time Bhabhi fell and I was also about to fall.

I took out all my juice from her pussy and put my dick in her mouth.

She licked my dick and cleaned it thoroughly.

Bhabhi made the dick hard again.

Now I wanted to kick her ass, so I told my Bhabhi.

He refused.

But on my insistence, she agreed.

I put a pillow under her stomach, applied oil on my dick and her ass, and pushed her dick.

More than half of my dick got absorbed in her ass.

Bhabhi started crying. Water had come into his eyes.

I tried to convince them, but they did not agree.

When I pushed the dick back and gave another push, the whole dick went inside.

When my Bhabhi started fainting, I took out the dick and gave her water.

That’s why I didn’t insist again.

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