Fucked My Desi Bhabhi

This English sex story is mine and is a true incident. So let me tell you the story in a short.

A Bhabhi started putting strings on me. I am young so why should I leave her, I also got attached to her and one day I Fucked My Desi Bhabhi.

So now let’s go to the story.

My name is Amit, I am fine looking. I’m 25 years old. I love having sex.

In this rising youth, I want to have as many girls, bhabhi, or aunty in my neighborhood.. who need sex.

I am available even in the middle of the night to fulfill his fantasy.

Sexy desi bhabhi chudai happened in the story when a desi couple came to stay in my neighborhood.

Both husband and wife were owners of normal bodies; That is, they were neither fat nor thin.

He had a lovely little girl. The name of that little girl was Anjali. I used to play a lot with him.

That girl’s mother’s name was Seema, she also treated me like a decent neighbor.

I loved this attitude of her and used to play with her little angel-like child.

Then after a few days, I noted that whenever I used to stand outside my house, she used to sit at the door of her house and keep looking at me.

Smiles were exchanged when our eyes met and I greeted him.

This went on for some days.

Now I also came to know that this Bhabhi also keeps watching me.

Due to this, some different feelings had come in me too.

But I was afraid that if I said or did something, they might say something to my mother.

Since those people used to live in my locality. I used to be worried that there should be no ruckus.

I never did anything thinking about all this.

But that sexy desi bhabhi was now staring at me more and more.

One day I was standing outside my house.

At the same time, my friend came and I was going with him in the car.

That’s why Seema Bhabhi saw me and pointed and asked – where are you going?

I indicated that I am leaving for my work and that I will come now.

She started pointing don’t go… stop.

But I left.

This time too many thoughts started coming into my mind for my Bhabhi.

I started to feel that her husband is very weak and thin… and maybe he would not be able to keep her happy.

Everything became clear the next day.

That day I was standing outside my house in the evening when my Bhabhi started staring at me.

Today I could not stay and I indicated to him that should I come there.

He immediately gave a smile and said – yes come.

I went outside his house and told him – I have something to say to you.

She said smilingly – say yes, what to say?

I said – I want to have a strong friendship with you.

Bhabhi gave me such an answer that I was surprised.

( I Fucked My Desi Bhabhi )

At first, she started laughing at my words and started saying – do you want to have only friendship or are you thinking of something else also?

I said – For now, I am thinking only of friendship, don’t know the rest!

She started laughing more openly.

Bhabhi said – Will you start an affair with me?

I said – now it depends on you how much air it gives?

Bhabhi said – Why do you want to get air?

Fucked My Desi Bhabhi

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I said – in my friendship!

She said- If you keep friendship with your heart then the wind will surely blow… and how far this wind will take your friendship… it depends on the time.

I understood that the matter is up to Malai Rabri.

At that moment Bhabhi’s phone started ringing and I went to my house.

The next day finally happened what the Bhabhi wanted… and me too.

It was the afternoon time. It was getting very hot.

She had come and sat outside the house in such heat and her only aim was to see me.

When I saw my Bhabhi from the window, she beckoned me – come here!

I went to my Bhabhi.

So she went inside her house and started calling me inside too.

( I Fucked My Desi Bhabhi )

I went inside fearing what would someone think if he saw.

In the next few moments, I went and stood inside the Bhabhi’s house.

She was standing in the kitchen opposite.

I was looking outside again and again and no one should come.

Bhabhi laughed and said- Why are you so scared… Friendship is only, isn’t it? If there was an affair, how much more afraid would you be?

I only said that till when the brother comes.

Hearing this, he said – Hey, don’t worry about them. They will not come now and what will they… and no one else will come. My husband comes back at night.

After listening to Bhabhi, I got a little relaxed.

Then I saw that the neck of the kurta that Bhabhi was wearing today was very deep and Bhabhi had not even taken a scarf.

She saw me looking at my boobs and said – so afraid in friendship… what would you have done if there was an affair?

Taking a cold breath, I said – Now tell me Bhabhi what I would have done.

She said – tell something!

( I Fucked My Desi Bhabhi )

I suddenly went right in front of him and pulled him close by holding his waist.

As soon as I caught hold of her, she suddenly shuddered.

But she was happy.

He said – just… don’t you do anything else?

I brought her closer and wanted to kiss her.

But I wanted to provoke them too, so I stopped near Bhabhi’s lips.

Now Seema Bhabhi’s breathing became fast. She did not delay even for a moment and from the very next moment she started kissing me.

I also started reacting.

She started kissing me like crazy… maybe she was very thirsty.

I lifted her in my lap by holding her waist and took her to the bathroom while kissing her.

She started smiling and said – Why have you brought me here… Let’s go to the bedroom!

I said – the heat is too much, isn’t it… It will be very nice here.

On hearing this, Bhabhi started kissing me on my neck.

I turned on the shower.

She was still in my lap.

I stuck them to the wall and started heating them kissing like crazy.

My 7-inch dick was tanned. My dick was pricking them from my jeans only.

She took off my T-shirt and started kissing me madly on my chest.

At the same time, Bhabhi also took off my jeans.

She was taking my dick out of my underwear.

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But I stopped them and said – not like this, first you have to do something, only then you will get this dick!

Bhabhi started saying- No, I want this now.

I said – it will not be found like this.

Bhabhi said – Well tell me what to do?

I said – first you warm me in such a way that I cannot live.

( I Fucked My Desi Bhabhi )

He smiled and looked at me and slowly started taking off his clothes.

First kurti, then salwar.

Now she was in bra panty.

Then pressing one of his boobs in front of me, he closed his eyes by turning his tongue over his lips.

I was constantly getting excited seeing these sneaky antics of Bhabhi.

I also caressed my dick with my hand.

Seeing this, she got down on her knees and started kissing my dick from above.

Meanwhile, he also took off his bra.

I had started pressing my Bhabhi’s mom.

She was starting to hiss sensually.

At the same time, I lifted my Bhabhi to a standing position and took her to 69 positions, then took off her panty and started licking her pussy.

As soon as I started licking her pussy, she was going crazy.

Bhabhi also filled my dick in her mouth and started sucking.

She started sucking dicks as if she was yearning to suck such dicks for years.

For about 10 minutes, she kept sucking my dick while staying in the position 69… and I kept licking her pussy.

Then we both fell.

After that, I straightened her and she started saying – Please put it now, I can’t tolerate it.

I said – I will not put, you do something in such a way that your pussy comes on my dick.

Fucked My Desi Bhabhi

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She took me to the bedroom and made me lie down.

I lay down on the bed, my dick was fully erect.

She came and started sucking dicks and sat on top of me keeping her pussy on my dick.

My dick is very thick… So as soon as a little bit went inside Bhabhi’s pussy, she screamed and started saying- ah how can I take it… it is very thick. My husband’s penis is very thin.

I said – today you have got a fat dick by luck. Enjoy it as much as you want to enjoy it.

She also looked at me with lust and said – Yes, today I will enjoy this Motu.

Bhabhi now slowly took the dick inside and sat on it by depositing her seat.

dick started making its place in her pussy and after some time Bhabhi started taking dick by shaking her ass.

( I Fucked My Desi Bhabhi )

As soon as the dick got the support of the pussy’s lubrication, I caught the Bhabhi’s waist with one hand and holding her hair with one hand, inserted the whole dick inside in one stroke.

Understand that she had gone mad because of this act of mine.

When his voice came out very loud, I left his hair and pressed his face.

In no time they started having fun.

Although tears started coming from Bhabhi’s eyes, she was enjoying herself completely.

For the whole 15 minutes, I went on hitting shot after shot.

She was jumping on my dick like a hearty mare and her teats would never have bounced so fast to date.

Then I picked him up and took him to the kitchen, took him there, and made him sit on the bar.

She would have understood something that in that time I spread both the legs of Bhabhi.

I kept one leg on my shoulder and stretched the other one completely, due to which Bhabhi’s pussy was completely spread.

Now I inserted my dick in the cleft of the pussy and began to fuck them by pelting them inside.

Shortly after my water was about to break, I took the dick out of my pussy.

That’s why Bhabhi jumped down and took my entire dick in her mouth.

The feeling of the heat of the pussy was no less than the heat of the mouth of the Bhabhi.

At the same moment, I left my full water inside the mouth of Bhabhi.

That thirsty woman drank the whole water.

I was taking long deep breaths.

Bhabhi again took me to the bathroom, where we both took a bath and came out.

Then I went to my house wearing my wet clothes.

Bhabhi messaged me – enjoyed it a lot. Today I felt very relieved.

( I Fucked My Desi Bhabhi )

Also, he asked me – would you like to fuck me again?

I said – yes of course!

She became happy and said that when next time you come to my house, you will get a surprise.

I asked – what?

He said – that will be known only when you come.

The surprise was very cool. I will tell you that in my next English sex story.

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